About Us

We have more than 30 years of experience.

Innotech is a vertically integrated textile plant with weaving, dyeing and finishing fabric manufactured from Nylon and Polyester yarn.

We first began in 2017, created by individuals armed with over 30 years of experience in the textile manufacturing and marketing industry.

Located in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, in Kulim Industry Zone, Kedah state, Innotech merges textile knowledge and marketing expertise to create new and unique solutions to fabric requirements. Our clientele consists of many distinguished companies, from Turkey, Europe, USA , Japan & South East Asia.

With our commitment and dedication, we have expanded our market coverage internationally. Our growth has lent us confidence and motivation to flourish further in the future.

Fashion &
City Wear

Uniforms &

Sports &

Wide range of commercial

Innotech produces a wide and varied range of textiles, suited for every need you can imagine. Ranging from couch covers and curtains to outdoor attire and sportswear, our fabrics are created to fit a diverse set of functions and responsibilities, to keep users both comfortable and protected no matter what the situation or setting.

Our Products

Oekotex 100 Standard

ISO 9001 Certified