Waterproof & Breathable series

Laminated/Bonded Fabric

Softshells Fabrics

Our softshell fabrics are composed of three layers of different materials, which guarantee excellent performance.

• Great breathability performance (low, medium & high breathability accoding to RET rating)
• Good wind & water resistance
• Elastic to provide freedom of movement
• Finished weight available : 400gsm, 300gsm, 260gsm and 230gsm

Polar fleece TPU laminated
with stretch pongee 75D
(mixed colors)

Polar TPU laminated
with Polar
(both side different color)

Polar fleece TPU laminated
with stretch pongee 75D
(same colors)

Softshell 300gsm
with camourflage print

Micro 50D & 75D high stretch fabric with TPU & PTFE lamination

Fabric breathability performance : available in low, medium, high according to RET rating.

50D stretch pongee
with TPU lamination

50D stretch pongee
with TPU lamination

Knitted Fabric Series

  • Polar fleece – single & double side brushed, one side anti-pilling.
  • Finished weight available in 180gsm, 240gsm & 280gsm.

High Stretch Fabric Series

  • Mono & Bi Stretch polyester fabrics made with spandex or elastic yarns.
  • Our stretch fabrics exhibit properties of outstanding stretch and softness , excellent for women & men apparels,
    and workwears.

Medical Series

  • Innogowns isolation gowns and coverall
  • Fabric for ostomy pouch
  • Body bags 
    size : 233cm x 82cm
    material : PEPET with lamination

Recycled & Sustainable Fabric Series

• Recycled fabrics

• GRS 4.0 certified